Scientists discover worms that have been napping for 40,000 years in Siberia

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A team of Russian scientists, earlier this month announced, in the journal Doklady Biological Sciences , that they have discovered ancient nematode worms. The worms are said to be capable of resurrecting themselves after being buried in permafrost for at least 32, years. If this discovery turns out to be legitimate it would be the longest-surviving return that has never been seen before in a complex, multi-celled organism.

This might even dwarf the tardigrade they are also well known for surviving extreme conditions. The nematodes isolated from Pleistocene permafrost deposits of the Kolyma River Lowland. Image courtesy: Springer Link.

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For sick kids, these clinics are like speed dating. First, mothers and orphanage directors check their charges in at registration, where medical charts are kept or created. After being weighed and measured, they wait to see one of the four doctors seated at tables along with their translators. Once diagnosed, the children are given deworming medicine before heading to the prescription-and-medicine station and, finally, receiving vitamins and a nutritional supplement, if needed.

The energetic, year-old pediatrician is genuinely interested in each new patient and seems to get a kick out of how basic Creole phrases for things like “Open your mouth” and “Diarrhea? Our colleges have never seen this,” he explains, pointing to a boy whose head is covered with a white, powdery fungus. One in eight children dies by age 5, and more than one-third are malnourished.

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Decomposition of a corpse is a continual process that can take from weeks to years, depending on the environment. Below we have divided the process into stages, which are characterised by particular physical conditions of the corpse and the presence of particular animals. To illustrate the process of decomposition, we use the piglet as the model corpse.

Piglets are used because a 40 kg pig resembles a human body in its fat distribution, cover of hair and ability to attract insects. These factors make pigs the next best things to humans when it comes to understanding the process of decay of the human body. The pigs in this website are newborn piglets weighing about 1. Their bodies have been donated to science. Please note – this set of images contain strong graphic references and descriptions.

A live pig is not outwardly decomposing, but its intestine contains a diversity of bacteria , protozoans and nematodes.

Scientists discover parasites described by Hippocrates

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By Shivali Best For Mailonline. They were first described in the writings of Hippocrates 2, years ago, and now scientists have discovered evidence of parasitic worms in ancient Greece. Scientists analysed faeces from prehistoric burials on the Greek island of Kea and discovered eggs from two species of parasitic worm dating back to the Neolithic and Bronze Age periods. This new archaeological evidence identifies beyond doubt some of the species of parasites that infected people in the region.

Pictured left is the whipworm, and right the roundworm. About 60 medical writings have survived that bear his name — although most of these were not written by him. He has been revered for his ethical standards in medical practice, mainly for the Hippocratic Oath — which is still practised by doctors today. Researchers from the University of Cambridge used microscopes to study soil formed from decomposed faeces from the surface of pelvic bones of skeletons buried in the Neolithic, Bronze Age and Roman periods.

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June 2, report. Nematodes had been previously found much closer to the surface, but this discovery of deep-dwelling nematodes, or roundworms, are the first multicellular organisms to ever be found at these depths. Halicephalobus mesphisto was named after Mesphistopheles which is the literary nickname for the Devil.

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As a biologist , I study invasive species including these mud blister worms. Despite their high gross-out factor, their parasitic lifestyles are fascinating. Mud blister worms belong to a larger group of segmented worms, collectively known as polychaetes. Mud blister worms are one of many species that burrow into the shells of animals like oysters, abalone and scallops, where they spend their entire adult life.

Worms from hell identified far below the Earth’s surface He used carbon dating and determined that the water had been isolated from the earth’s surface for 3, to They hope their research will speed up the discovery.

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