A total of 46 professionals of solar energy sector attended the event. Mostly half of the institutions which attended the event came from Spain, the host country. Raffaele Mancini from WWF Italy very positively to start new cooperation projects at regional and local level. Alfredo Fernandez from Gamesa and with Mr. Ricard Pardell from Valldoreix Greenpower Spain very promising to establish future cooperations on technical support. Marta Garcia from Ecoserveis Spain. I Mediterranean Solar Forum The I Mediterranean Solar Forum brought together around participants from governments, international organizations, project promoters and private investors, to reflect and discuss the challenges and opportunities that solar energy represents for the Mediterranean, taking into consideration its strategic importance as an abundant and sustainable energy source for the region. The I Mediterranean Solar Forum focused on social impact, training, policy impact and the present and future challenges in the solar sector. Search for:.

Belgium – China (Chengdu) B2B Matchmaking Event

Are you searching for the right partners for your consortium? Would you like to promote your research ideas? Click this banner and find out more. This conference will target maritime dual use opportunities in autonomous systems and satellite applications in the Solent region. The goal of the conference is to highlight innovation priorities and initiate relationships across defence and civil organisations, involving major companies and SMEs.

The Belgian-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (BCECC) is pleased to invite you to the B2B Matchmaking event with a delegation of Dongguan.

Belgium is a front runner in offshore wind, with the first offshore wind park more than 10 years operational. By end of Belgium will have 2. The upcoming years Belgium is preparing to extend its current 2. For the whole North Sea Region GW by seems both achievable and affordable provided countries collaborate with one another. Registration is free of charge but registration is required.

Related stakeholders like research institutions and public officials are also welcome to join. Belgium is making great strides towards a Net Zero future. By the end of this year, they will have 2. The International B2B Matchmaking event, which will run on the 19th March, is open to businesses throughout the EU, from innovative startups to large established companies, with vested interests in the offshore wind sector.


This event will bring together engineering, fabrication, supply chain teams, contract manufacturers and service providers through pre-arranged meetings. Your individual program is based on your company profile and that of others on our user-friendly digital platform. It offers a unique B2B and B2S platform to identify all the participants prior to the event, request meetings with relevant contacts and meet them online on the 29th of October only accesible with a business ticket.

The AI & Big Data B2B Matchmaking event offers companies operating in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data sector the opportunity to meet.

The information is outdated? Webinar Online Online. We offer you the opportunity to pitch your business to PARSEC and to the other attendees during a live session and have multiple one-on-one B2B meetings with companies from various backgrounds and expertise to work on a common product or service. You will have the chance to book the available B2B slots before the event. SMEs or a start-ups from one of the PARSEC eligible countries[1] who are looking for expanding their network and scaling-up their business are invited join the event!

Please note that to apply for the Open Call 2 you will have to develop an Earth Observation-based solution targeting an issue in one of our focus sectors — food, energy or environment. They represent companies from 31 different countries and share a common goal of using more efficient and sustainable methods for innovation in food, energy or environment sectors by exploiting approaches at the forefront of technology, such as Earth Observation, big data, artificial intelligence, or machine learning.

They work in many diverse fields, such as: ocean or vineyard monitoring, prediction of river flows, tracking of food supply chains, improving urban planning and mobility, waste management, beekeeping, enabling energy transition, sustainable tourism and many more. Track this event on your Apple calendar. Space Agenda supporting media of.


Our B2B matchmaking software will help your attendees overcome the interaction stress and build relevant business relationships at your event. When it comes to B2B networking , every single attendee has a hidden agenda. Instead of preventing them from achieving what they came for, help them have meaningful interactions. Impactful B2B networking events involve the careful matchup between the attendees.

Our B2B matchmaking software will help you with this task.

Wabel Takes On Emerging Brands Wabel, the leading Private Label sourcing company in Europe, is delving into the world of brands – and in a.

Our B2B matchmaking platform offers event planners the opportunity to connect buyers and sellers, startups and investors, corporates and MBEs, exhibitors and attendees online. The attendees can participate in one-on-one or group matching by sitting in the comfort of their own home or office. It provides an opportunity to perfectly blend the physical, virtual audience experience and expand the reach to a worldwide audience at a relatively low cost. You not only attract the audience who are able to physically attend the event but also provide a completely new way for people to engage with your brand at a global level.

Our Artificial Intelligence based algorithm suggests the top 10 matches for each attendee based on their preferences. Also,the set up time is reasonably less when compared to a face-to-face meeting. Sometimes, attendees are unable to attend an in-person event due to factors like time, cost travel, accommodation, etc or location. However, with a virtual matchmaking software you can reach an unlimited audience regardless of these factors. This also enables more C-Level executives to attend the event.

Virtual events reduce the cost per lead and maximizes the overall event ROI. It is easier to gather attendee insights for a virtual event as everything can be tracked digitally. So you know who met who, how long the meeting lasted and if there was any business that materialized. The virtual meeting platform allows you to present your products and services by sharing your screen and using white boards which will be much more effective than printing a presentation and walking the client through in-person meetings.

The virtual platform allows users to record their meetings if necessary and review them later if needed.

PPE Supplier Matchmaking Event

Low carbon, connected and autonomous vehicles will play an important role in the future of the automotive sector both in the UK and overseas. The event is open to UK and overseas businesses, research organisations, or universities that are active in the development of low carbon, connected, and autonomous vehicles, and associated infrastructure projects.

The aim of the event is to provide the opportunity for UK and overseas delegates to arrange meetings to identify and explore potential areas of mutual benefit. Businesses that attend will benefit by forming on-going working partnerships and potential collaborations. The event has been integrated into the Low Carbon Vehicle event to provide participants the platform to investigate future project collaborations for EU and nationally funded programmes such as the future Horizon Green Vehicle calls.

For more information on the event please click here.

The B2B Supplier Networking session features OEM/Tier 1 manufacturers, all in one room, available to meet with suppliers to learn about their.

Buyers: This event offers one of the most efficient ways for your organization to meet businesses to fulfill your procurement needs, including:. Each buying organization will receive a meeting link to join their private one-on-one meetings with their matched small businesses. Small Businesses: As a small business, you will be able to see the participating buyers who plan on attending prior to registering and will be able to check their NAICS codes and compare them to those of your company.

Once you choose your code or codes , the system will automatically match you with buyers that are looking for your products and services based on the NAICS codes and you will be notified of these matches. You will then have the opportunity to schedule a minute, timed meeting with the buyer. Small businesses will be limited to 5 appointments for the event.

Introducing UP DRINKS: A New B2B Matchmaking Event and Network for Emerging Beverage Brands

In a bid to optimally prepare stakeholders in the proposed marginal oil fields bid round in Nigeria, BusinessDay West Africa Energy and Meiracopp Nigeria Limited are organizing the first Business to Business B2B deal making event for both service providers and potential bidders. The one day workshop scheduled to hold in Lagos is structured to provide a partnership vehicle and an excellent deal making background for organizations wishing to participate in the marginal fields bid rounds.

So we want to provide early support for proper deal making between promoters, financiers and technical partners. The workshop will have top experts from the private sector and representatives from regulatory agencies available to provide further insights into the bid round slated for the coming months. The last marginal field bid round was held in which saw more than 20 lucrative oil fields awarded to small indigenous operators.

For partnerships, participation and enquiries, please mail; frank.

B2B Matchmaking Event. Enhance contracting opportunities for Minority & Women Owned Companies. Presented by the National Association.

Exhibitors — the lifeblood of a trade show or exhibition. Plenty of attendees, VIP speakers, sponsors, and a sparkling trade program and facilities are great, but exhibitors are key to trade event success. For an exhibitor, getting good quality leads that convert into sales is the biggest reason why they would invest in your trade show event.

So business matching software , also known as B2B matchmaking, is an important tool that enables event organizers to make a measurable difference when exhibitors decide where to invest their budget. The more complete the exhibitor profile, the more relevant and specific the recommendations can be. With an established profile on the networking application and with clearly-defined areas of interest, exhibitors can be confident that they have the best possible start to your event.

The matchmaking can begin almost immediately, with attendees and exhibitors scheduling appointments right off the bat. By only recommending the most relevant to them, appointments can be made using the event scheduling feature so exhibitors can arrive at the event, ready for business!

Overview of the B2B matchmaking module